The Group

Our group main affiliation is to Ecole Polytechnique, but we are also affiliated to College de France where we regularly spend 2 days per week (tuesdays and fridays, though this may change in 2024).

As we felt that two affiliations were not enough, we are also in the process of being affiliated to a Project-Team at Inria Saclay.
Although that does not mean we get three salaries, it means we get a broader set of colleagues to discuss interesting problems.

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Rajah Nutakki

    Joined the group in April 2024 after a PhD from TUM, during which he studied frustrated spin systems.

  • TBA

    A new Postdoctoral reseracher will join the group in october 2024. The position has already been filled.

  • Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellows

    I’m not currently hiring a postdoc directly, however I would be happy to support strong candidates for a Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship in my group.

PhD Students

  • Adrian Kahn

    Joined the group in October 2023, Polytechnicien. With a strong taste for analytics, currently working on improving variational methods to simulate quantum dynamics.

  • Amedeo Shokry

    Joined the group in November 2023 after a M.Sc. in Physics and AI from La Sapienza University in Rome. Currently studying fermionic systems.

  • Luca Gravina

    PhD student from Vincenzo Savona’s group at EPFL. Joined the group for a long stay to work on Variational methods for systems driven out of equilibrium.

  • TBA

    A new PhD student will join the group in october 2024. The position has already been filled.


  • Evan Wonisch

    Evan is a PhD-track student at IP-Paris, who interns in the group. He is investigating neural network representation of fermionic systems with continuous degrees of freedom.