This page explains how to find me at Ecole Polytechnique and/or College de France.
It assumes that we have already discussed and agreed upon a meeting.

Coming to Ecole Polytechnique

Ecole Polytechnique was unfortunately not thought for people coming in, but rather to help you get lost.

My office is number 0:10-14, which means that it is located in the ‘Comb 0’ (Aile 0) of the main laboratory building, ground floor, office 14.
It is roughly located at this location.

If you’re not familiar, you should come to the back-entrance 404 Avenue Frenel of the laboratory building, and once in front of a gate (you recognize it because there’s a small pedestrian gate and a larger car gate, and behind you should see a small grass field with a few ping-pong tables).

Once you get there, call me on my phone number and I or someone will come pick you up. The gate is very close to our offices and it will take us a second.

Public Transport

To get to Ecole Polytechnique, there are two possible paths:

  • Take the RER B and get off at Lozere (note that not all trains stop there!), walk the stairs up to Ecole Polytechnique, than roughly follow the external perimeter of the school on the ‘west side’, until you get to the back entrance mentioned above.
  • Take the RER B to Massy-Palaiseau, and then get the bus 91.06, and get off in Place Marguerite Domel. If you walk east-wards towards Ecole Polytechnique you will arrive right in front of the side entrance mentioned above.

Getting in College de France

I don’t have a desk phone at College de France, so the attendants at the entrance will most likely not be able to reach me.

You should instead come in front of the main gate of College de France, located at 11 Pl. Marcelin Berthelot (it’s a very large, beautiful stone gate which you can’t miss) AND call me on my Phone/Whatsapp.
I will come to pick you up then.

Do know that if you ask Google Maps to bring you to College de France, he might only bring you to the side entrance and not to the main one.

If it is raining, feel free to wait by the Accueil.