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    Gardened. - Ethan Marcotte

    ‘…right now, producing quality work relies on teams electing to adopt best practices: In other words, they have to give a damn. But giving a damn doesn’t scale.’ (via @beep)


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    ‘So you’ve got a facade of an interface that you can’t actually interact with until a deluge of JavaScript has been loaded, parsed and executed.’ (via @adactio)


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    Letting Go of the Old Internet

    we miss the old internet - but that time has gone and passed. The future web can only hold as much wonder, discovery and community as it did back then, when we let go.


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    Getting to work. - Ethan Marcotte

    (…) No single one of us can fix our industry: it’s going to take all of us, and we need to start now. (via @beep)


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    Introducing Sass Modules

    Sass is getting better namespacing for imports. This will be a good fit for component-based architectures! (via @originell)


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    Post short notes to a Jekyll blog using an iOS Shortcut

    Another implementation for easy #indieweb note sharing (via @rdsaunders)


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    Webclerks Conference

    cool conf y’all!


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    Mental models

    …applying mental models from server programming or computer science is not a good idea when it comes to frontend. (via @adactio)


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    The web is not dying | Go Make Things

    ‘I don’t know how you can look at all of these amazing tools and technology and feel like the web itself is doing anything other than flourishing, though.’ (via @ChrisFerdinandi)


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    On my recent trip to belarus, I met Vadim Makeev and had an interesting chat about CSS on the @webstandards_ru podcast. listen here: (via @pepelsbey)


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