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    Your CSS is an interface - Eric Bailey

    Human-friendly CSS is an interface that […] allows someone using your website to easily make modifications. The web is malleable, and that is a highly intentional design decision. (via @ericwbailey)


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    The Single-Page-App Morality Play - Baldur Bjarnason

    ‘The biggest hindrance to the web’s progress isn’t non-expert developers, tooling, libraries, Single-Page-Apps, or Multi-Page-Apps. It’s bad management.’ (via @fakebaldur)


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    Why are hyperlinks blue?

    What happened in 1993 to suddenly make hyperlinks blue? No one knows, but I have some theories.


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    Reducing Carbon Emissions On The Web - Smashing Magazine

    ‘The mean average emissions for websites with a PageSpeed score of 100 is about 1 gram of carbon, which rises to a projected almost 6 grams for websites with a score of 0.’ (via @smashingmag)


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    Oh Hello Ana - Blog

    lovely redesign of Ana’s personal website. plus: guestbooks are back! (via @ohhelloana)


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    HTML Boilerplate

    Manuel shares his current setup for new HTML documents, including all the best practices for 2021.


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    Don't Rush to Simplicity

    To me simplicity is made more beautiful when understood through a long personal struggle with complexity. When I can dance with it, having turned a mighty nemesis into an old friend, and teach others to do the same.


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    Which type of novelty-seeking web developer are you? Baldur Bjarnason

    ‘There is no history in web development and everybody walks on the shoulders of giants thinking-or pretending-that they’re just following a dirt path conveniently laid out by nature.’


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  9. I haven’t seen that much joy and relief on Twitter in a long time. A nice change from all the doomscrolling!

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    Looking at coronavirus.data.gov.uk - Matthew Somerville

    Yesterday I was looking for data on less-then-ideal emergency information sites. Then @dracos does this amazing case study with more detail than I could have hoped for! 😍


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